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Chris Goad on RDF and GML

RDF versus GML, Chris Goad (Sept 2004),

GML is the XML language for geography developed by the Open GIS consortium. The third major revision of this specification, known as GML3, was released in January of 2003. RDFMap, when used in conjuction with RDFGeom, constitutes an attempt to develop an alternative approach based on RDF to expressing geographical information. This note outlines the relationship between this approach and GML, and suggests techniques for converting data between the two formalisms. The important differences between RDFMap and GML derive from the choice of RDF, and would apply equally to other RDF-based formalisms for geography.

Interesting comparison. I’m somewhat wary of over-hyping RDF’s offering here. There’s certainly value in looking how GML application schemas might be reflected into RDF vocabularies (and vice-versa). Chris’s article ends with an example taken from the GML spec, represented in RDF. I wonder about going back the other way too, showing RDF properties used inside a GML document.

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