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The Pope is widely held to be infallible. This caused a minor schism in the church when, in 1307, he stated “I am not the Pope.” [source: Uncyclopedia]

Conspiracy Theory?

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who believe there are two kinds of people in the world and those who don’t. –Robert Benchley, Benchley’s Law of Distinction From a recent Guardian article, “Police scrutinise extremist Islamist websites“: Among the sites causing concern is Jihadunspun (JUS), a highly professional website which claims [...]

Sample SPARQL query

PREFIX dc: <> SELECT ?book ?title ?authorname WHERE { ?book dc:creator ?author . ?author dc:type <http ://> . ?author dc:title ?authorname . ?book dc:title ?title . } …works with rdf data describing some books by painters. I tested in Dave Beckett’s Redland-based online SPARQL demo. The query finds 5 results. Seems to have some encoding [...]

Observer Review: Barbara Ellen meets the elusive Mr Brown

Observer Review – Barbara Ellen meets the elusive Mr Brown: What people are being asked to remember is that we are all part of one universe, that we have responsibilities to each other. OK, he supported the unforgivable Iraq War, but this quote (and interview) does make me think I could potentially vote Labour again. [...]

Data syndication

There have been various developments in the last week, via Planet RDF, on the topic of data syndication using RSS/Atom. Edd Dumbill on iTunes RSS extensions; a handy review of the extensions they’ve added to support a “podcasting” directory. See also comments from Danny. Nearby in the Web, Yahoo! and friends are still busy with [...]