Monthly Archives: August 2005

Google boost Jabber + VOIP, Skype releases IM toolkit, Jabber for P2P SPARQL?

Interesting times for the personal Semantic Web: “Any client that supports Jabber/XMPP can connect to the Google Talk service” Google Talk and Open Communications. It does voice calls too, using “a custom XMPP-based signaling protocol and peer-to-peer communication mechanism. We will fully document this protocol. In the near future, we plan to support SIP signaling.” [...]

Balkan Barnraiser

I’m reading up on the Barnraiser project after Tom Calthrop got in touch about FOAF. Their Web site offers open source ‘social software’, as well as reports on incubator projects such as their Kosovo research tour (see project plan) from last year. In 2004 we started work in both Kosovo and Serbia in incubating interest [...]

The stuff people are made of

Just saturday-morning-stumbled upon Channel 4′s Anatomy for beginners site, via Dead Interesting, via Flickr. I missed the TV series (as well as the Body Worlds touring exhibition), but the Web site has plenty. There are sections on the anatomy of movement, circulation, digestion, and reproduction. The image used here isn’t from that site, but taken [...]

Empathy, Art or Science?

From xForums, “the last bastion of intelligent discussion”, via Daily Kos: That sucks and the guy deserves money but it’s really not the guards fault his spine is made out of paper mache. If America were Iraq what would it be?, Juan Cole (Informed Comment, 22 September 2004). What if, from time to time, the [...]

SVG-based MozMapEditor

MozMapEditor screenshots look very promising. Layered map overlays, with polygon/polyline/point authoring, all built with XUL and SVG in Mozilla. I hope the overlays can be disentangled from the SVG and reused in GML, KML etc. There’s a mozdev site on the way…

Anti-Marxist Propaganda Methods

A couple of excerpts from the fascinating Nazi and East German Propaganda archives (see their FAQ), including pre-1933 publications and training materials. Makes for very unsettling reading. It is nonsense to think that a popular style of speaking (which often turns out to be vulgar) is enough to win sympathy for the speaker in a [...]

Movieoke at the Cube

It seems the Cube have a weblog, and last week’s Movieoke pictures are up. Reminds me to link to mine, hoping that by doing so, it’ll encourage me to fix the awful thumbnail/navigation pages on that site. GrainyVision .avi footage of Martin as HAL (part 2), and Chris as Gollum are amongst the FREE DOWNLOADS [...]

Leaflet map

The task of putting some of this information on the map is rather daunting, once you actually start wading through a pile of leaflets looking for locations, places, times, contacts details, Web addresses. But I think it can be decentralised, and the folk who make the leaflets, maps and guides for a city have a [...]