Monthly Archives: September 2005


Ian Davis shows how even the smallest RDF graph has multiple XML serializations. He missed some variations: (i) rdf:RDF is optional, and (ii) rdf:type has special-case treatment in the grammar (iii) XML base can interact with URIs. <rdf:Description xml:base=”” xmlns:foaf=”” xmlns:rdf=”” foaf:name=”Eve” rdf:type=””> <foaf:homepage rdf:resource=”~eve”/> </rdf:Description> This variety should not be suprising. A good question [...]

RDFAuthor does SPARQL

Damian is working on a new version of RDFAuthor that generates SPARQL queries (instead of the older Squish notation). It can also (not sure which protocol(s)) get results from a query service. Here’s a screenshot: The automatically generated (and hence not 100% user-friendly) query was as follows: SELECT * WHERE { ?var_4 <http ://> ?var_1 [...]

New Orleans audio transcription – volunteers needed

See the Transcribing page on the NOLA Intel Wiki for details. Basically there are a lot of people collaborating via FreeNode IRC channels, taking turns to transcribe various audio feeds, usually several people on each feed. Others are summarising these into #interdictor-digest, but more volunteers are needed. Nearby: Interdictor blog from New Orleans.

Religious Technology (What’s in a link?)

I’ve just rediscovered this, while tidying: a letter I received last year, from Hodkin And Company, Solicitors: We understand that you operate, control or manage a website on which one Mr Damien Steer has placed literally hundreds of pages of our clients’ copyrighted works without the authorization of our clients. Because of the enormity and [...]