Monthly Archives: September 2007

Zoolander test

OK, well this only works in France… From Joost : Zoolander Le celebre mannequin Derek zoolander (Ben Stiller) a toutes les chances de recevoir pour la quatrieme fois consecutive le trophee “Top-Model de l’annee”. Mais rien ne se passe comme prevu et Zoolander, effondre, voit son prix lui echapper au profit d’un jeune “hippie”, Hansel [...]

An OpenID roster

I recently added OpenID support to my WordPress blog installation, and asked folks to test it out by leaving OpenID-authenticated comments. Seems to be working OK. I had a couple of issues with over-zealous spam filters, and people have reported a few glitches with specific providers (see comments for detail). OpenID doesn’t remove the need [...]


“He looked so mean, the way he was looking at everyone,” Robbins said. “It was very frightening, like something out of a movie.” [...] [as the plane prepares to take off] Hanging Lady: Nervous? Ted Striker: Yes. Hanging Lady: First time? Ted Striker: No, I’ve been nervous lots of times.


Just renewed my Flickr-Pro account for 2 years, ensuring an irregular supply of pigeon, fish and other misc depictions. I wasn’t 100% happy with the wording of their terms though. To participate in Flickr pro, you must have a valid Yahoo! ID and, solely if you have not received a free offer or gift for [...]