Monthly Archives: October 2007

cvs2svn migration tips

Some advice from Garrett Rooney on Subversion. I was asking about moving the historical records for the FOAF project ( etc) from dusty old CVS into shiny new Subversion. In particular, from CVS where I own and control the box, to Subversion where I’m a non-root normal mortal user (ie. Dreamhost customer). The document records [...]

I’ve just made, a Planet-based aggregator of Widgety stuff. The contents are somewhat ad-hoc, and will evolve in unpredictable ways as people publish and fix feeds, and as I hear about new sites. For example, at the time of writing I couldn’t find any working public feeds for the great things the Opera folks [...]

Longhaired nearsighted monster with a guitar

A Monkees spooky-special on Joost. (Seems to be globally available except USA). see also – IMDB – Trivia – From Joost : Monkees, The – Episode 18 – I Was a Teenage Monster (Digital Continuous Edit) Monkees, The – Episode 18 – I Was a Teenage Monster (Digital Continuous Edit) from the [...]

Nuke Em High

Shadow trade and industry secretary Alan Duncan said: “Whatever the rhetoric, there is nothing in this White Paper that will guarantee that a single nuclear power station will be built.” “Business will only invest in nuclear power if it knows its costs – it needs certainty about carbon, decommissioning, and waste.” “Clean, safe and [...]

Shooting Nick

Just started watching this one on the Raindance TV Joost channel, but I don’t have time right now. In the absence of a bookmarking system I’ll clutter my blog with links. It’s good to have more watchable stuff on Joost than I’ve time to watch :) See also From Joost : Shooting Nick Intending [...]

EMR (Joost UK only)

OK, what happens if I put an URL in the Blog text: box? And how can I tag this to be in my “conspiracy theory” category? Do blog posting APIs support categories? I hope at least Atom’s does… From Joost : EMR Stuck in a dead-end job and living alone with his cat, [...]

Scary Monster of the Day

(via Simon) From Joost : Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers, Chapter 2 – Tunnel of Terror Aura helps Flash to escape as Zarkov is put to work in Ming’s laboratory and Dale is prepared for her wedding to Ming. Flash meets Prince Thun, leader of the Lion Men, and the pair return to the palace to [...]