HTML Imagemap authoring tool for MacOSX?

I’ve searched around in vain for one. I want to annotate my FOAF spec diagram with mouseover text and links into the documentation. Most of the tools I find are a decade or more old, or pay-to-play. I remember the Gimp image editor can do imagemaps, but it crashes on startup on my MacBook. I did find a nice Javascript editor the other day, but it had no “undo” function, which made complex work impossible. Maybe I’ll try Amaya. Suggestions very much welcomed! Are imagemaps *that* uncool these days? They’re just SVG and image metadata in another notation… (and imho one of the the more interesting scenarios for HTML-based microformattery). That last link has missing photos and out of date SVG, but might still be of interest. A surviving screenshot included here.

Nearby: (from SWAD-Europe hacking days) an imagemap2svg.xslt thanks to Max Froumentin.

Update: I installed Amaya 9.99 for Intel MacOSX. Sadly it couldn’t even display my JPEG properly, although it did do a better job showing OmniGraffle’s SVG output than Firefox.

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  1. How about using RDF Image Description for FOAF vocab annotation ?

  2. danbri says:

    Kanzaki, that’s a fantastic tool :)

    But in my case I’m trying to annotate and I think this requires polygons to do usably. My diagram is just too chaotic to map with nice tidy squares!

  3. that’s right. maybe I’d try canvas+svg version some day ;-)

  4. danbri says:

    If you do, let me know, I’d love to try it!

  5. [...] when you want to play with HTML imagemaps is finding an editor that produces them. The fact that my blog post asking for MacOSX HTML imagemap editors is now top Google hit for “HTML image map” [...]

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