Monthly Archives: February 2008

Lqraps! Reverse SPARQL

(update: files are now in svn; updated the link here) I’ve just published a quick writeup (with running toy Ruby code) of a “reverse SPARQL” utility called lqraps, a tool for re-constructing RDF from tabular data. The idea is that such a tool is passed a tab-separated (eventually, CSV etc.) file, such as might conventionally [...]

Blood money

It’s in the Daily Mail, so it must be true: Motorists will be targeted by a new generation of road cameras which work out how many people are in a car by measuring the amount of bodily fluid it contains. The latest snooping device on the nation’s roads aims to penalise lone drivers who abuse [...]

A friend by any other namespace

Homer goes to Moe’s. He buys Barney a beer, calling him “soulmate,” but Barney says that he’s “really more of a chum,” not his soulmate. Lenny describes himself as a “crony”; Carl, a “acquaintance”; Larry, a “colleague”; Sam, a “sympathizer”; Bumblebee Man, a “compadre”; Kearney, an “associate”; and Hibbert, a “contemporary”. I’m a well-wisher, in [...]

Venn diagrams for Groups UI

This is the result of feeding a relatively small list of groups and their members to the VennMaster java tool. I’ve been looking for swooshy automatic layout tools that might help with interactive visualisation of ‘social graph’ data where people can be clustered by their membership of various groups. I also wanted to explore the [...]