Friend lists on Facebook – “all lists are private”

Friend Lists are here.

┬áNow you can easily organize your friends into convenient lists for messaging, invites, and more. You can create whatever kinds of lists you want; all lists are private. Click “Make a New List” to get started.

Just noticed this message on Facebook as I logged in. It was rumoured a little while ago, and in general fits with my goals for FOAF, use of Group markup etc. I just expect that “all lists are private” isn’t the end of the privacy story here. Will friend list data be exposed to 3rd party app? There are lots of reasons it would be great to do so (and foaf:Group provides a notation for sharing this data with downstream standards-based apps). On the other hand, we don’t want to see any more “Find out what your friends really think of you” uglyness. Wonder which way they’ll jump.

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