Monthly Archives: April 2008

Nokiana: the one about the CIA, Syria, and the N95

Matt Kane resurfaced on Bristol‘s underscore mailing list  with this intriguing snippet, after some travels around the middle-east: ” … discovered N95s (not mine) cannot be taken into Syria”. I asked for the backstory, which goes like this: Quite a palaver. Got the train from Istanbul to Syria (amazing trip!). At the border they didn’t [...]

Videos from SemanticCamp Paris 1

Spotted on the websemantique list, a Youtube playlist of videos from SemanticCamp Paris 1,  16 février. I think they’ve just had a second SemanticCamp already, but these five videos are from the earlier event. Lots of FOAF, RDFa etc.  L’objectif du SemanticCamp Paris est de créer les conditions pour que les développeurs, les étudiants, les [...]

BBC joining OpenID Foundation

The BBC have joined the OpenID Foundation. See blog post from Jem Stone for details. He cautions people not to get excited and expect too much too soon. However I can’t help but see this as a very healthy thing when thinking about the medium-term usability issues around OpenID. Talking of which, does anyone have [...]

Un twine Web sémantique

Via the French-language websemantique list; a matching web-semantique Twine for those using the beta service. If you don’t have a Twine invite yet, drop me an email to Maybe this mail is redundant since French readers will be on the list already, as well as this post being in English. But it’s good to [...]

QuASAR SW services validator

From Khalid Belhajjame on the public-semweb-lifesci list: the QuASAR project have shipped a validator tool for semantic web-service descriptions. An LGPL’d beta-version can be downloaded from the site. The tool allows users to inspect for errors the semantic annotations of web services of their choice using two adequacy criteria. I was wondering why this was [...]

Cult advertising

Well shame on YouTube, and presumably shame on UMG too. I was innocently going about my mullet-research business just now, watching a Billy Ray Cyrus on YouTube, when I get a big animated advert for the world’s most slicky advertised cult. It seems YouTube and the content owner have reached an understanding, since the video [...]

How the Web works

How it works: The Web Originally uploaded by danbri Or, “but what do all those links mean?” Based on the 1994 slides by TimBL which inspired the SWAD-Europe graphics and shirt. The twist here is just an emphasis that the giant global graph is a graph of idiosyncratic claims, and only sometimes do we all [...]

Open CellID databases

Via momolondon list: data dumps The readme.txt file describes the tabular data structure (split into a cells, and a measures file). I think the cells data is the one most folk will be interested in re-using. Table headings are: # id,lat,lon,mcc,mnc,lac,cellid,range,nbSamples,created_at,updated_at For example: 7,44.8802,-0.526878,208,10,18122,32951790,0,2,2008-03-31 15:22:22,2008-04-07 08:57:33 This could be RDFized using something similar to [...]