Monthly Archives: April 2008

When your OpenID provider goes offline…

 My main OpenID provider is currently LiveJournal, delegated from my own domain. I suspect it’s much more likely that would go offline or be hacked again (sorry DreamHost) than LJ; but either could happen! In such circumstances, what should a ‘relying party’ (aka consumer) site do? Apparently myopenid has been down today; these [...]

IRC RDF logs and foaf:chatEvent

For many years, the 24×7 IRC chatrooms #swig and #foaf (and previously #rdfig) have been logged to HTML and RDF by Dave Beckett‘s IRC logging code. The RDF idiom used here dates from 2001 or so, and looks like this:  <foaf:ChatChannel rdf:about=”irc://”> <foaf:chatEventList> <rdf:Seq> <rdf:li> <foaf:chatEvent rdf:ID=”T00-05-11″> <dc:date>2008-04-03T00:05:11Z</dc:date> <dc:description> danbri: do you know of good [...]

One Big Happy Family (FOAF/RDF and Microformats)

I just signed up to give a talk at the Microformats vEvent in London, May 27th; thanks to the organizers (Frances Berriman and Drew McLellen of for inviting me :) I’ve called it “One Big Happy Family: Practical Collaboration on Meaningful Markup” and my goal really is to help make it easier for enthusiasts [...]