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… a little-language for analysing graph-structured data, especially RDF. The syntax of GraphPath is reminiscent of Xpath. It has a python implementation that can be teamed up with your favourite python RDF API (e.g. Redland, rdflib, or your own API).

Anyone tried it? Apparently it has a rule/inference system too (backward chaining). I don’t quite see how namespace abbrevations are handled, but guess there must be some mechanism for registering them in the API. Could be a candidate for transliteration into Ruby?

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  1. I’ve used it with rdflib to do some simple inference based on schemas. For application specific reasons, I’ve handled namespace abbreviations myself, but as far as I can tell, rdflib takes care of them…

    The rules can express anything that doesn’t involve an anonymous/variable property, but with a bit of python code around it, all the RDF schema rules can be expressed.

    It’s a really nice way to work with RDF in Python. And of all the inference engines I’ve tried to integrate, it’s by far the easiest…