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vCard Format Specification: draft-ietf-vcarddav-vcardrev-02

A new work-in-progress vCard spec. See June 25th draft, and emailed changelog. Excerpted here:

o Removed useless text in IMPP description.
o Added CalDAV-SCHED example to CALADRURI.
o Removed CAPURI property.
o Dashes in dates and colons in times are now mandatory.
o Allow for dates such as 2008 and 2008-05 and times such as 07 and
o Removed inline vCard value.
o Made AGENT only accept URI references instead of inline vCards.
o Added the MEMBER property.
o Renamed the UID parameter to PID.
o Changed the value type of the PID parameter to “a small integer.”
o Changed the presence of UID and PID when synchronization is to be
used from MUST to SHOULD.
o Added the RELATED (Section 7.6.7) property.
o Fixed many ABNF typos (issue #252).
o Changed formatting of ABNF comments to make them easier to read
(issue #226).

From the Introduction:

This draft contains much of the same text as 2425 and 2426 which may not be correct. Those two RFCs have been merged and the structure of this draft is what’s new. Some vCard-specific
suggestions have been added, but for the most part this is still very open. But we’d like to get feedback on the structure mostly so that it may be fixed.

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