Monthly Archives: October 2008

OpenID, OAuth UI and tool links

A quick link roundup: From ‘Google OAuth & Federated Login Research‘: “The following provides some guidelines for the user interface define of becoming an OAuth service provider” Detailed notes on UI issues, with screenshots and links to related work (opensocial etc.). Myspace’s OAuth Testing tool: The MySpace OAuth tool creates examples to show external developers [...]

Drupal social/data Web developments

Dries Buytaert  on ‘Drupal, the Semantic Web, and search’. Discusses RDFa, SearchMonkey and more. Great stuff! Excerpt: This kind of technology is not limited to global search. On a social networking site built with Drupal, it opens up the possibility to do all sorts of deep social searches – searching by types and levels of [...]

NISO/CLIR/RLG – Technical Metadata Elements for Images Workshop (18-19th April 1999)

Maybe this is a record for delayed blogging. Nine and a half years late, here’s a writeup I found (on a corpsed hard-drive) of an image metadata workshop held by NISO, in Washington. I wrote it up for the JISC JIDI project at ILRT, who funded my trip. I’m sure they won’t mind it being [...]