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Skosdex: SKOS utilities via jruby

I just announced this on the public-esw-thes and public-rdf-ruby lists. I started to make a Ruby API for SKOS. Example code snippet from the readme.txt (see that link for the corresponding output): require “src/jena_skos” s1 =“”)“” )“file:samples/archives.rdf”) s1.concepts.each_pair do |url,c| puts “SKOS: #{url} label: #{c.prefLabel}” end c1 = s1.concepts[""] # Agronomy puts [...]

Cross-browsing and RDF

Cross-browsing and RDF While cross-searching has been described and demonstrated through this paper and associated work, the problem of cross-browsing a selection of subject gateways has not been addressed. Many gateway users prefer to browse, rather than search. Though browsing usually takes longer than searching, it can be more thorough, as it is not dependent [...]

NISO/CLIR/RLG – Technical Metadata Elements for Images Workshop (18-19th April 1999)

Maybe this is a record for delayed blogging. Nine and a half years late, here’s a writeup I found (on a corpsed hard-drive) of an image metadata workshop held by NISO, in Washington. I wrote it up for the JISC JIDI project at ILRT, who funded my trip. I’m sure they won’t mind it being [...]

Visual SPARQL query tools

Quick links – thinking about tools that allow graphical SPARQL query authoring… OpenLink Virtuoso: InteractiveSparqlQueryBuilder (in HTML/CSS/.js). Pictured below; extensive documentation and screenshots linked from their main page. …an ancestor of which was Damian Steer’s RDFAuthor tool for MacOSX, which could generate Squish (a SPARQL precursor) and query services over the ‘array of hashtables’ SOAP-for-rdf-query [...]

Semantic Web Austin

Another day, another local Semantic Web group. This time in Austin, Texas… Via former ILRT colleague Joel Crisp, I just stumbled on their Facebook group. Hope they don’t kick me out when they find out I’m not from around there. Seems a Web site may be coming soon too. For those inside Hotel Facebook, I [...]