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Inevitable Nipple Analogy

“A genetic theory of homosexuality.” by William Saletan in yesterday’s Slate suggests an inevitable analogy. The article reports on recent work (pdf) addressing the ‘if homosexuality is genetic, why hasn’t it died out?’ debate, which suggests that the ‘gene for male homosexuality persists because it promotes—and is passed down through—high rates of procreation among gay [...]


I can’t explain how weird this is to read, and only really because my name is obscure enough that I don’t run into other Dan Brickleys very often: Chimes in Dan Brickley, of TLC’s A Makeover Story: “Although Hillary’s made some major fashion faux pas in the past (anyone remember a certain wedding dress?), we [...]

The stuff people are made of

Just saturday-morning-stumbled upon Channel 4′s Anatomy for beginners site, via Dead Interesting, via Flickr. I missed the TV series (as well as the Body Worlds touring exhibition), but the Web site has plenty. There are sections on the anatomy of movement, circulation, digestion, and reproduction. The image used here isn’t from that site, but taken [...]

Empathy, Art or Science?

From xForums, “the last bastion of intelligent discussion”, via Daily Kos: That sucks and the guy deserves money but it’s really not the guards fault his spine is made out of paper mache. If America were Iraq what would it be?, Juan Cole (Informed Comment, 22 September 2004). What if, from time to time, the [...]