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The Mild Mild West.

Movieoke at the Cube

It seems the Cube have a weblog, and last week’s Movieoke pictures are up. Reminds me to link to mine, hoping that by doing so, it’ll encourage me to fix the awful thumbnail/navigation pages on that site. GrainyVision .avi footage of Martin as HAL (part 2), and Chris as Gollum are amongst the FREE DOWNLOADS [...]

Leaflet map

The task of putting some of this information on the map is rather daunting, once you actually start wading through a pile of leaflets looking for locations, places, times, contacts details, Web addresses. But I think it can be decentralised, and the folk who make the leaflets, maps and guides for a city have a [...]

20p books and the Decorated World

The Bristol Amnesty International Group has a bookshop on Gloucester Road. I walk past it and can’t help but beachcomb through the 20p shelf they have in the street, despite the dangerous state of my overloaded bookshelves. From yesterday’s semi-random purchase, Ernest Bevin – Unskilled Labourer and World Statesman, by Mark Stephens: There were a [...]

Notes from Bristol Amnesty International meeting

Notes taken at the January 15th 2004 Bristol Amnesty International (AI) meeting. There were two guest speakers on the topic of “Israel, Palestine and Amnesty’s new mandate“: Martin Knight, AIUK Co-ordinator for Israel, the Occupied Territories and the Palestine Authority, and Nancy Rollason of Bristol Palestine Soldidarity Movement, Note: this article was written a week [...]