FOAF spec diagram

experimental foafspec diagram
Originally uploaded by danbri

I’ve been trying to capture the core terms of FOAF in a diagram. Here’s version two.

Notes: there are a few terms I’ve missed out, to avoid massive clutter: workInfoHomepage, geekcode, myersBriggs, currentProject, pastProject, dnaChecksum, membershipClass, sha1, fundedBy, theme, Online*XyzAccount, logo, phone. These are all underspecified, underused, or boring. Or all three :) The properties mbox and tipjar are the main quirks; they’re drawn like string-valued properties but are really relations. Some of the non-FOAF namespaces are done the same way too. Maybe it needs a footnote or notation for those?

I’ve included a few nods towards external namespaces; obviously these aren’t supposed to be complete.

Even this kind of diagram is a bit meta; there should be a companion diagram with instance level data using these terms. Work in progress. Suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated.