Punched up colour

An old debate – how much is it acceptable to “tweak” an image’s colour – resurfaced on BAGnewsNotes. The article drew attention (amongst other things) to the colouring of an image from Iraq:

When I mention this following point, some people take me to task for calling out a standard — if fairly recent — convention used frequently by the NYT. If you’ll notice, this image is super color-saturated. (Just look at how punched up the orange is, or the baby’s clothes.) The effect is to make the image more lush and visually seductive. The net effect is a troubling contradiction between the content and its sensory impact.

What I found interesting was that the original photojournalist Alan Chin showed up in the blog comments, and provided his perspective, as well as a copy of his original photograph and the version that he submitted to the NYTimes (details). The resulting interactions were intelligent and largely non-adversarial, despite the different views of the various posters. Not something you see everyday in such discussions…

An entirely non-photorealistic derrivative of the original image (which I'll take down if asked...

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