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The task of putting some of this information on the map is rather daunting, once you actually start wading through a pile of leaflets looking for locations, places, times, contacts details, Web addresses. But I think it can be decentralised, and the folk who make the leaflets, maps and guides for a city have a lot to gain from making their content more machine-accessible and freely share-able. Well, most of them do.

PortCities Bristol Watershed Cinema CITIZINE Colston Hall Decode Bristol International Twinnings Association Bristol Evening Post Venue Days Out Guide 2005 Southbank-Bristol Arts Trail Clifton Suspension Bridge - Free Guided Tours ARAG newsletter - news from the Somali community activePosters - "Connecting pringed matter to a world of on-line content" Depict! "Can you do it in 90 seconds?" Guided Walks of Bristol The Cube Microplex Creative Bristol St Werburghs Community Centre The Bristol China Partnership Relay audio toor "Your gude to council services and city news... and your summer fun events calendar" Ian McNabb plays the Prom, Sat 10th Sept 2005 Southbank Bristol Walkshops - walking workshops with your digital camera At-Bristol Crossing Continents - Stories of migration and the search for a better life (exhibition at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum) Empire and us, at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum Fresh Five - Young People's Film Festival, at the Watershed Bristol Visitor - "The Bristol Tour with live guides and headphones" The Prom (Nov 2004 listings) Bluescreen - open film screenings, at the Cube Microplex Bristol Fairtrade Directory A stroll in the Park - Celebrating 25 years of extraordinary street theatre, Bristol‑based Desperate Men invite you to accompany them on a free promenade and voyage of discovery. Venue Magazine Part-time and Short Courses - Lifelong Learning for the General Public Wessex Trains' pocket guide, available from Uni Bristol for students Bristol University International Affairs Society see Indymedia - 'In light of recent events at the Easton Community Centre we, some of the former staff at the Centre, feel it is important to express our incredible sadness and anger regarding the decision to close the Centre without any community-wide consultation.' Haunted and Hidden Bristol Walking Tour 20p books and the Decorated World Streetmap.co.uk Ordnance Survey - Britain's national mapping agency Bristol c/o Google Maps

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