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Brain and spinal cord with attached spinal nerve roots and dorsal root ganglia. Functional Neuroanatomy of Man, ie. Neurology section from Gray's Anatomy, 35th edition. p807
Just saturday-morning-stumbled upon Channel 4’s Anatomy for beginners site, via Dead Interesting, via Flickr. I missed the TV series (as well as the Body Worlds touring exhibition), but the Web site has plenty. There are sections on the anatomy of movement, circulation, digestion, and reproduction. The image used here isn’t from that site, but taken from an old Neuroanatomy textbook. While we’re used to seeing disembodied images of the brain in popular media, it is still fairly unusual (and hence unsettling, like Channel 4’s Anatomy website) to see it partially embodied, ie. with a spine attached. I often wonder whether people would think about the relationship between brains and minds differently if they were more accustomed to seeing such images…

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