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Are there parts of the FOAF vocabulary we should declare ‘core’, and stable (or stabilise)?

Would anyone be interested to help translate such a subset? initially the class/property labels and definitions, perhaps later, the accompanying per-term definitions? (a friend helped make a start on translating some terms into Persian, and there’s a neglected German translation lost in my 2004 mailbox somewhere too).

Are there terms which are more clutter than useful? Terms that could be relegated to an appendix? Or even (I’m wary of this) fully removed?

Are there Open Issues you’d particularly like to see addressed?

Also some practicalities: the mailing list hosting I use at the moment is hosed. There are a cluster of FOAF-related lists, of which is the most important. I’m looking for alternate hosting, that has in particular got spam-control. I’ve been experimenting with Dreamhost’s mailman installation, but it doesn’t look up to the job.

Open ended question time: which bits of the FOAF vocab would you like to see get some more attention, improvement etc., first? In particular, what should we do about the naming parts? eg. defer to an improved vcard-in-rdf spec’d
elsewhere? How about the topic stuff and relationship to SKOS?
FOAF’s been having a little rest for a year or so, but it’s time to dust things down and see where a little time could most usefully be spent…

Thanks for any thoughts :)

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  1. I’d love to see naming properties get more attention. The suggestions were rather varied last time it was brought up, but I think it would benefit a lot of people if foaf could provide a useful naming scheme that would work across cultures. I particularly like Ian Davis’ proposal.

    I’d also like to see workplaceHomepage clarified so it (or a new term) may be used for past workplaces (similar to the distinction between currentProject and pastProject).

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