Doxory FOAF and OpenID

Doxory FOAF
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Just took a look at, a site that lets your friends run your life. First thing: it’s a joy not to be asked to think of a new username and password: you can login with OpenID. In my case, this means I’ll use LiveJournal. Secondly, it’ll check for friends it knows about who are in any FOAF file you specify (wish I knew exactly how it did this…). So that’s pretty cool. Also I’m reminded how forward-thinking Live Journal are: OpenID, FOAF and – recently – Jabber too.

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  1. Sounds quite cool, but it didn’t find my FOAF from my OpenID URI, which is my homepage URI that also contains links to my FOAF.

    Also, when presented with my actual FOAF URI, it failed to parse it…

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