SQL, OpenOffice: would a JDBC driver for SPARQL protocol make sense?

I’d like to have access to my SPARQL data from desktop tools like OpenOffice’s spreadsheet. Apparently it can talk to remote databases via JDBC and OBDBC, both for the spreadsheet and database tools within OpenOffice.

Many years ago, pre-SPARQL, I hassled Libby into making her Squish RDF query system talk JDBC. There have been related efforts since, but I’ve lost track of what’s currently feasible with modern tools. There was a SPARQL4J collaboration initially between Asemantics, Profium and HP Labs, and some JBDC code from 2005 is on sourceforge. SPARQL inside JDBC is always going to be a bit of a hack, I suspect, since SPARQL results aren’t exactly like SQL result. But if it’s the easiest way to get things into a spreadsheet, is probably worth pursuing. I suspect this is the sort of problem OpenLink are good at, given their database driver background.

Would it be possible to wire up OpenOffice somehow so that it thought it was talking JDBC, but the connection parameters told the Java driver about a SPARQL endpoint URLs. Actually all this is a bit predicated on the assumption that OpenOffice allows the app user to pass in SQL, so we could pass SPARQL instead. If all the SQL is generated by OpenOffice we’d need to hack the OO src. Amy I making any sense? What still needs to be done? Where are we today?

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  1. Dan,

    Yep! Since you can get to SPARQL via SQL using Virtuoso. Of course, this entails that you can get to SPARQL Data Sources via Virtuoso’s ODBC or JDBC Drivers from OpenOffice, right now :-)

    SPARQL Data Sources can be used in the FROM CLAUSE of SQL statements in Virtuoso (has been so since 2006).


    This is one for my very large list of outstanding: Simple but powerful things you can do with the Linked Data Web today via Virtuoso :-)

    BTW – This also means you have access to your EC2 and Virtuoso based Data Space in the Clouds in the same manner :-)

    I also suspect consuming XML directly via HTTP should also be possible re. OpenOffice which opens up SPARQL and the XML Results Serialization format etc.. This would be an option where Virtuoso isn’t an option.

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