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A couple weeks ago, in a pathetic and greedsome bid to monetize you all, I added Google Adsense ads to this blog. Needless to say, the jaded foaftards who read this thing aren’t the kind to go all clicky-buyey on adverts. When I finally earn a whole dollar, I’ll celebrate by having it converted to hard currency and spend it on, er I dunno, charity. Meanwhile, the ad targetting engine is entertaining if nothing else. I’ll leave the thing running on archive pages, but it should be gone from the main page now.

Thanks to Bob DuCharme for pointing out that I’m apparently now endorsing, your one stop solution for post-breakup adult dating social networking. Thanks, Google. Maybe they caught me looking at the Internet Dating Conference website (they’re still looking for speakers btw)? Well I think not – I’ve decided that the ad targetting reflects more on their knowledge of’s readership than on its author. There’s some logic to that, so thanks everyone…

Seriously, I am really suprised at how weak the Adsense targetting is. Google too often are treated as infallible gods, but the ad targetting I’ve seen so far feels like it’s done with grep. But I don’t have anything better right now, so I should shut up with the complaining. Here’s that ad again for those that missed it.

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