One Big Happy Family (FOAF/RDF and Microformats)

I just signed up to give a talk at the Microformats vEvent in London, May 27th; thanks to the organizers (Frances Berriman and Drew McLellen of for inviting me :)

I’ve called it “One Big Happy Family: Practical Collaboration on Meaningful Markup” and my goal really is to help make it easier for enthusiasts for both RDF and Microformats to say ‘we‘ rather than ‘they‘ a bit more often when discussing complementary efforts from this community. As I said on the foaf-dev list yesterday, “anything good for Microformats is good for FOAF”; vice-versa too, I hope. There’s only one Web and we’re all doing our bit, with the tools and techniques we know best.

Here’s the abstract:

This talk explores some ways in which the Microformat and RDF approaches can complement each other, and some ways in which we can share data, tools and experiences between these two technologies. It will outline the often-unarticulated history of the RDF design, the techniques used for parsing and querying RDF data, and the things made easy and hard through this approach. RDF techniques can be contrasted with the different choices made for Microformats. However these differences obscure an underlying similarity that comes from shared ‘Webby’ values.

Edit: it seems I’m incapable of spelling “compl[ie]mentary”. Freudian slip? :)

BTW the London Web Week site has just gone live; check it out…

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