Underground Victorian street? in Bristol?

Hidden away beneath Lawrence Hill lies a secret world – an underground Victorian street stretching from Ducie Road to the Packhouse pub.

Local historian Dave Stephenson finds out more.

For many years I had heard tales of a Victorian street abandoned beneath busy Lawrence Hill. To add substance to the legend there were people who claimed to have seen it when they were young.

They told me that this underground street stretched from Ducie Road, near the now closed Earl Russel pub, to the Packhorse pub, in tunnels under the road.

All had Victorian shop fronts, some still with their glass intact, and several street lamps still hung on the walls.

From the Underground Bristol forum. Rather vaguely attributed to¬† ‘a Bristol Newspaper – July 2007’; perhaps the Evening Post, though it would apparently cost a search fee to find out. The quoted article goes on to say that the underground street is pretty messed up now, with rubbish, and has been looted quite comprehensively.

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