Obama Web jobs in Boston

How could this not be a fun way to spend 6 months?

Obama for America is looking for exceptionally talented web developers who want to play a key role in a historic political campaign and help elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

This six-month opportunity will allow you to:

  • Create software tools which will enable an unprecedented nationwide voter contact and mobilization effort
  • Help build and run the largest online, grassroots fundraising operation in the history of American politics
  • Introduce cutting-edge social networking and online organizing to the democratic process by empowering everyday people to participate on My.BarackObama

They also have a security expert position open.

Successful candidates will join the development team in Boston, MA.

Almost makes me wish I was a US Citizen. Sorry ma’am

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  1. Democracy is the worst system of government, apart from all the others.

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