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Dries Buytaert  on ‘Drupal, the Semantic Web, and search’.

Discusses RDFa, SearchMonkey and more. Great stuff! Excerpt:

This kind of technology is not limited to global search. On a social networking site built with Drupal, it opens up the possibility to do all sorts of deep social searches – searching by types and levels of relationships while simultaneously filtering by other criteria. I was talking with David Peterson the other day about this, and if Drupal core supported FOAF and SIOC out of the box, you could search within your network of friends or colleagues. This would be a fundamentally new way to take advantage of your network or significantly increase the relevance of certain searches.

Meanwhile, PHP Shindig (Apache’s OpenSocial widget container) has now been integrated into Drupal. Currently version 5 but things are moving to get it working in 6.x too. See docs (this link has some issues) and the announcement/discussion from shindig-dev. Also great news…

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  1. We had to unpublish the Drupal Shindig module due to several security issues including XSS. The code of the module did not respect the Drupal security standards. see the security advisory: http://drupal.org/node/321758.

    It’ll get republished once these issues have been fixed by the module maintainer.

    Drupal security team.

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