The Green Land (aidungeon transcript, unedited)

Our story begins with a group of adventurers living in the medieval kingdom of Larion. The kingdom is filled with small villages and thatched cottages and has been relatively peaceful until now. The adventurers are on a quest to find the magical staff of Zalos. They walk through the forest and notice a band of mountain dwarves. The dwarves are friendly and offer them food and drink. Then one of the dwarves turns to them and says “Give us the staff or you die”.
You must choose to hand over the staff, try to talk your way out of it or fight the dwarves.

Hand Over The Staff

If you give the dwarves the magical staff they will probably kill you and take it anyway. You need to try to persuade them to let you go.

> Stan use[s] the staff to hypnotize the dwarves into letting Stan go.
“Alright, here’s the staff.” You give the dwarves the staff and they let you go.
You walk away relieved that you have dodged another death.

> Stan look[s] around.
The medieval kingdom of the Larion is a lush green land. The grassy hills are dotted with self-sufficient villages and towns. The kingdom’s main population centres are located in a broad valley. The surrounding hills are studded with castles belonging to Larion’s lord, Lord Rostov.

> Stan summon[s] the grammar teacher.
The teacher appears, but she is very angry with you and the other students.
“I’ve had enough of your people,” she begins, “Due to your poor language skills, I’m going to go back to the country I came from. You better improve it quickly or I’ll see to it that you’re all placed in remedial English classes.” She quickly disappears.

> Stan re-summon[s] the grammar teacher.
You summon the teacher again, but this time she appears and begins to attack you!
“I warned you before about your terrible language skills and now you’ve forced me to attack you. You’ll never learn!”

> Stan give her a broken sentence as a peacemaking gift: “The medieval kingdom of the Larion is a lush green land.”
The teacher appears again. “You really are a special case, student. You’ve managed to tame me with even the most awkward of sentences.” She then gives you a gift of a magical ring and disappears.
You continue your adventures…

> Stan summon[s] the teacher, and ask her how the sentence “The medieval kingdom of the Larion is a lush green land. ” should be written instead.
You summon the teacher and begin to describe the problem.
She interrupts you, “You need to learn more than just language structure and usage; you also need to learn how to write an essay. You tell me you have a problem with a sentence, but you can’t explain what’s wrong with it! Tell me what’s wrong with this sentence.”

> Stan explain[s] that there seems to be a needless use of “the” in the middle of the sentence.
The teacher listens to your explanation and then smiles. “Now that’s what I like to hear from a student, a critical analysis of writing. OK, I’ll re-teach the lesson.” She draws a red magic circle on the floor and begins to talk about sentence structure.
After the class, you once again ask her about your problem.

> Stan listen[s] as she speaks aloud the new and improved version of the sentence:.
The green land of the medieval kingdom of the Larion is lush.
She smiles when she finishes, and you feel like you’ve learned something important today.

> Stan ask[s] her to try it again, but say “Larion” instead of “the Larion”
“The green land of medieval kingdom of Larion is lush,” she says, and the sentence once again seems to lack something.
“What’s the problem this time?” the teacher asks.
“The phrasing sounds too formal,” you begin, but she interrupts you.

> Stan suggests saying “the medieval kingdom” to make it even betterer.
“The green land of the medieval kingdom of the Larion is lush,” she says, and then a wide grin spreads across her face. “I think I’ll make an exception for you, student. You can come here and talk to me about your problems any time you want.”

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