Worlds within worlds Originally uploaded by danbri. Somehow this is my most popular picture on Flickr. I have no idea why: I don’t think it is blogged or linked from anywhere else, nor does it have suggestive title or tags. Maybe it is just confusing enough that people give in to the urge and click […]

FOAF questions

FOAF questions… Are there parts of the FOAF vocabulary we should declare ‘core’, and stable (or stabilise)? Would anyone be interested to help translate such a subset? initially the class/property labels and definitions, perhaps later, the accompanying per-term definitions? (a friend helped make a start on translating some terms into Persian, and there’s a neglected […]

Who, what, where, when?

A “Who? what? where? when?” of the Semantic Web is taking shape nicely. Danny Ayers shows some work with FOAF and the hCard microformat, picking up a theme first explored by Dan Connolly back in 2000: inter-conversion between RDF and HTML person descriptions. Danny generates hCards from SPARQL queries of FOAF, an approach which would […]

SPARQL for vocabulary management: theory vs practice

I’ve lately been thinking about whether the named graph support in SPARQL can help us evolve vocabularies and associated code (eg. generators and translators) in parallel, so that we know when the RDF generators are emitting markup that uses properties which aren’t yet documented in the ontology; or when the ontology contains terms that aren’t […]

adam-dan-jubillee-shirt Originally uploaded by danbri. Posted a load of scanned old photos to Flickr. I like this one of me and Adam a lot. Well loads of them are great, very pleased I finally got around to this…

Profiling GML for RSS/Atom, RDF and Web developers

I spent some time yesterday talking with Ron Lake about GML, RDF, RSS and other acronyms. GML was originally an RDF application, and various RDFisms can still be seen in the design. I learned a fair bit about GML, and about its extensibility and profiling mechanisms. We discussed some possibilities for sharing data between GML, […]

Sample SPARQL query

PREFIX dc: <> SELECT ?book ?title ?authorname WHERE { ?book dc:creator ?author . ?author dc:type <http ://> . ?author dc:title ?authorname . ?book dc:title ?title . } …works with rdf data describing some books by painters. I tested in Dave Beckett’s Redland-based online SPARQL demo. The query finds 5 results. Seems to have some encoding […]