“Mono : A Developer’s Notebook” kitabının yazarlarından ve XML.com yazrı Edd Dumbill ile söyleÅŸi…

Edd Dumbill was interviewed in the Turkish .NET site csharpnedir.com. Anlamsal web(semantic web) dünyada popüler olarak kullanılması hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz? Edd: Türkçe : Anlamsal(semantic) web in bize saÄŸladığı zaten bir çok kullanışlı yönü var. Özellikle de konu alanlarının doÄŸal olarak kısıtlandığı organizasyonlarda bunu görmek mümkün. WWW(World Wide Web) ye baktığımız zaman küçük parça verilerin kullanılabilir […]

Happy new year

This site is slowly becoming functional. I’ve upgraded the weblogging software I use here, WordPress, to the 2004-12-31 snapshot which fixes some problems I was having. Have also reinstalled Morten’s FOAF plugin (which also generates SKOS categories from this weblog). The design is the ‘Kubrick’ theme, pretty much without customisation yet. Comments are switched off, […]

Missed me, huh?

Blog was broken for weeks. Note to self for next time: Mysql password forgettage: restart it with –skip-grant-tables and run “mysql -u root mysql” Then… UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘sekretsekret’) WHERE User=’root’; …and before all this, have backed it all up. REPAIR TABLE wordpress.wp_categories; …etc to fix up trashed tables. Then restart the mysqld with normal […]

Four notions of “wishlist” for FOAF

After the recent SWAD-Europe meeting on ImageDescription techniques, I made some scribbled notes in a bar on different notions of “wishlist” that might make sense to use with FOAF. At the ImageDescription meeting we talked a lot about the difficulty of scoping such technical activities, since problem spaces overlap in ways that create opportunities and […]

Arabeyes Project and English/Arabic Wordlist

The Arabeyes project has a lot of interesting work going on to improve Arabic support in Unix/Linux environments. Their Wordlist project is an attempt to produce a GPL’d English/Arabic dictionary. It seems to be off to a good start as a list of translated words, but I wonder if it could do with more structure, […]

WordPress explorations

I’ve just installed WordPress a new tool to manage this site, and potentially others (including installations for FOAF and W3C work). While I’m a big fan of Movable Type, I do like the idea of working with opensource software that I can contribute to. From what I’ve seen of WordPress, it has a lot to […]