From LinkedIn’s networking graphing service; see also my map I’ve been digging around in graph-mining and visualization tools lately, and this use at LinkedIn is one of the few cases where such things actually break through into mainstream usefulness. Well, perhaps not useful, but it’s nice to see how groups overlap. In my chart here, […]

Chocolate Teapot

Michael Sparks in the BBC Backstage permathread on DRM: However any arguments based on open standards do need to take facts into account though. Such as this one: The BBC is currently required by the rights holders to use DRM. Tell me how you can have a DRM system that’s completely free software, and I’ll […]

Shooting Nick

Just started watching this one on the Raindance TV Joost channel, but I don’t have time right now. In the absence of a bookmarking system I’ll clutter my blog with links. It’s good to have more watchable stuff on Joost than I’ve time to watch :) See also From Joost : Shooting Nick Intending […]

EMR (Joost UK only)

OK, what happens if I put an URL in the Blog text: box? And how can I tag this to be in my “conspiracy theory” category? Do blog posting APIs support categories? I hope at least Atom’s does… From Joost : EMR Stuck in a dead-end job and living alone with his cat, […]

Zoolander test

OK, well this only works in France… From Joost : Zoolander Le celebre mannequin Derek zoolander (Ben Stiller) a toutes les chances de recevoir pour la quatrieme fois consecutive le trophee “Top-Model de l’annee”. Mais rien ne se passe comme prevu et Zoolander, effondre, voit son prix lui echapper au profit d’un jeune “hippie”, Hansel […]