XMPP untethered – serverless messaging in the core?

In the XMPP session at last february’s FOSDEM I gave a brief demo of some NoTube work on how TV-style remote controls might look with XMPP providing their communication link. For the TV part, I showed Boxee, with a tiny Python script exposing some of its localhost HTTP API to the wider network via XMPP. […]

vCard Format Specification: draft-ietf-vcarddav-vcardrev-02

A new work-in-progress vCard spec. See June 25th draft, and emailed changelog. Excerpted here: o Removed useless text in IMPP description. o Added CalDAV-SCHED example to CALADRURI. o Removed CAPURI property. o Dashes in dates and colons in times are now mandatory. o Allow for dates such as 2008 and 2008-05 and times such as […]